Supporting Ocean Tumblers' Athletes

Photo provided by: Trisha Sheehan Photography

OTGA helps offset the cost of gymnastics by organizing numerous fundraising opportunities for athletes who participate on the competitive teams at Ocean Tumblers Gymnastic School, Inc. Support our fundraising opportunities here.

Membership is available for families whose athlete trains at Ocean Tumblers Gymnastic School, Inc. (OT). By joining OTGA, a member can participate in special offers throughout the year. Join today!

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The Mission

OTGA promotes the growth and development of team athletes of Ocean Tumblers Gymnastic School, Inc. by supporting activities related to gymnastics training and competition.

The Team

Join the team. OTGA needs help! We are completely dependent on parent support. Here are ways to get involved:

  • Become a Board Member/Committee Chair
  • Volunteer to help lead a fundraiser
  • Submit ideas for new fundraisers

The Support

Thanks to our supporters from the community, OTGA can continue to support OT Team athletes. Your donation will be used to help OT Team girls to reach their goals and potential. Community support helps athletes stay highly motivated and offsets their training expenses. All donations are tax deductible! Donate Today!

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Make a donation today

Support our athletes today by making a secured online donation. Your donation is tax deductible and will go directly to the athletes. 

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association (OTGA) is a non-profit organization formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It is a fundraising organization run solely by parent volunteers, and is separate from Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Schools, Inc. (OT).  OTGA’s mission is to promote the growth and development of OT Team athletes by supporting activities related to gymnastics training and competition. OTGA qualifies for tax exempt status under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3), and further classified as a public charity under section 509(a)(2).

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