Are you ready for some Football?

This exciting fundraiser is an NFL football pool sweepstakes that gives supporters a chance to win prize money during each of the 17 weeks of the professional football season.

Sweepstakes Detail

For $20, supporters will have receive access to music and book downloads from CharityStudio and a FootballMania sweepstakes card. Each sweepstakes game card contains 3 randomly assigned NFL teams each week of the professional football season – a different set of teams each week. Supporters have a chance to win up to $400 in each of the 17 weeks. You win if your three teams have either the most or the fewest combined total points for the week. Eighteen prizes are given away each week…the 15 highest scoring cards and the 3 lowest scoring cards are winners every week. There is also a grand prize chance of $1000 to be given away at the end of the 17 weeks! Supporters do not need to know anything about football to purchase a ticket to play! They just need to sit back, relax, and root for their three teams to score big (or not much at all)! In fact, they don't even have to watch the games to play! Winners will be notified by email or phone, and a check will arrive in the mail. This is a great way to have some FUN during football season, and to help support OT Team gymnast. 

For complete details and rules, please visit CharityMania's  website or you may watch a short video here.

Get Your chance to win up to $400 in each of the 17 weeks of the professional football season. 

How OT Families Can support this Fundraiser



Weekly Prize Money Amounts

Game card with the highest combined score


Second highest score


Third highest score


Runner Up: next 12 highest scoring


Lowest total score


Runner Up: next 2 lowest scoring


Total Prize money paid per week


Grand Prize Winners

Game card with the highest 17 week total


Game card with the lowest 17 week total


Total Grand Prize money paid


Odds of Winning

Win at least once during sweepstakes

1 in 16.6

Each week

1 in 276

Grand Prize

1 in 2480

Already have a game card?

Download the iPhone app or set up email notification to check results


There are two types of tickets to sell: Paper tickets and Etickets. 

Paper Tickets
Have the purchaser fill out the bottom portion of the ticket with his/her name and contact information. Collect the bottom portion of the ticket along with $20. (Cash is preferred, checks should be made out to OTGA.) The purchaser keeps the top portion of the ticket. The seller shall turn in the ticket stubs and money in an envelope with the sellers name on it to the main office at either gym by August 30th in order to have the tickets activated for the sweepstakes. Only ACTIVATED tickets are eligible for the FootballMania sweepstakes. Contact OTGA for additional paper tickets. A limited supply of additional paper tickets is available.

Electronic Tickets
Supporters shall go to sellers personal donation page that the seller provides to the supporter. Supporters can purchase an e-ticket online with their credit card. There is no need to send them a paper ticket. E-tickets are activated immediately upon purchase, and are available in an unlimited supply, therefore we encourage sellers to use this valuable resource. Supporters can also purchase e-tickets as gifts for their favorite football fanatics!

Create your personal donation webpage here!


Promoting this fundraiser is easy! We encourage you to try all of the options below.

1. Personal Web page: Set up your personal donation page where you can upload a picture of your gymnast and send emails directly to co-workers, friends and family all over the country. The emails from your personal donation page are automatically generated for you, with no need to compose your own! Just simply upload email addresses and push the “send” button. Create your personal donation webpage here! NOTE: You must set up a new login. Do not try to use a login from a previous year.

2. Word of Mouth: Have paper tickets with you when you talk to your family and friends about this unique fundraiser in person.

3. Social Media: Promote through social media: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter daily and send emails out to family, friends, and co-workers. Don’t know what to say? Use the sample templates below and personalize it with your information and a picture of your gymnast. If everyone sends out 5-10 emails, just imagine what can be accomplish!

Would you like to make a donation today? 

Your donation is tax deductible. 

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association

Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Association (OTGA) is a non-profit organization. It is a fundraising organization run solely by parent volunteers, and is separate from Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Schools, Inc. (OT).  OTGA’s mission is to promote the growth and development of OT Team athletes by supporting activities related to gymnastics training and competition. 

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