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Score Keeper (SK)

Score Keeper is a tool designed for the parents of gymnastic athletes at Ocean Tumblers Gymnastic School. It's function is to store each meet information, tracking score and placement on each event. At the end of each season, a plaque form can be easily printed from the stored information. SK is capable of storing the information of more than one athlete.

Accessing SK

To access SK, you must have an active PHOX or DPT subscription and also be logged into your account. Once logged in, you can access SK under Membership from the main toolbar. You can also access it by going to My Account from the top toolbar. When in My Account, select "Score Keeper" from the typed menu on the My Account form.

Functions of SK

  • Entries

  • Add New

  • Search

  • Plaque

All Entries

Main Display

- When you enter SK, a list of all the stored entries will display on the screen. Just the athletes name, competition name and date, and the level of the athlete for that competition will be shown. To view the scores and placement, you can select "Edit". 

- The entries will be originally sorted in descending order based on the competition date. 

- There is a sort box. If you would like to change the sorting of the entries. The sort can be based on athletes first or last name, the competition date or name, or by the level. The sort function will be helpful when maintaining the entries of more than one athlete.


 - From the Main Display, you can edit an entry. Here you can correct any misspelled words. You can key in the scores and placement of each event. You will not be able to key in the All Around. It will automatically be calculated as you go.

- You must click "Save" for any of your changes to be saved. If you do not click save, you will need to reenter the information. You will receive a message saying that your record has been saved. Click Return to go back to the previous window or select from any the above menus.

- To DELETE a record -- Check the box that says to delete this record. Once you click "Save", the record will be permanently removed. If you have removed a record by mistake, you will need to re-enter the information.

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